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Monday, November 17, 2008

Rover rambles before the trip

Let's see, I think there are a few things I want to tell you before we leave... and we're leaving tomorrow. I'm ready!

We're going to have 3 full days at Death Valley. That seems more like a long weekend trip, but for some reason Denise decided to make it a middle-of-the-week trip.

Tomorrow is a 4-state day. From our corner of Massachusetts, it's a reasonable drive into New Hampshire to one of those airport places, the place from which the big bird we'll be riding across the country will take off. We're heading west, not to the other coast, but almost. We land in Las Vegas, then hop in a car to drive the rest of the way. Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Nevada, California. Do you think we can count the states that we'll be flying over too? Oh, I didn't think so either, but I thought I'd ask.

We'll be sleeping in the park for three nights, then sleeping in Las Vegas on Friday night. That's really not my favorite place to stay, but wow - there are some beautiful parks a relatively short drive from there. And Denise found a park just outside of Las Vegas that she wants to visit - Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. That's going to be our Saturday morning wander before we have to jump into one of those big birds to fly back to the east coast.

I'm going to be playing with words every day; after all if I don't capture the memories right away they might disappear.

Denise doesn't think we'll have Internet access though, so it's possible you'll have to wait until late in the week for our updates. Check in every so often though; I just wandered on the web and I found a page maintained by someone in Ridgecrest, California, a place that is supposed to be two valleys to the west of Death Valley. And that site says that we might be able to get access if we sit outside of the registration area at Furnace Creek Ranch. Or maybe in the visitor center. I found another site that said the same thing, so maybe... I think I'll tell Denise to take our baby computer with us when we go to the visitor center in the evening. There are usually programs there, and last year they were well worth attending.

I just checked the weather... the forecast is for sunshine and warmth, in the high 80s tomorrow and Wednesday, with slightly lower temperatures the next couple of days. From the 80s, the 50s at night.

And I reminded Denise to bring a bathing suit with her. I remember she enjoyed a little relaxing time there last year. From the Furnace Creek Ranch web site: "The pool is a spring-fed flow through pool with beautiful, clear blue water that enters the pool at a constant 84 degrees year round.". Wow. Doesn't that seem warm for a spring?

Tomorrow, we fly!

Where next?

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