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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flying... driving

Airplanes are good things. They enable us to escape to places far away in much less time than ground transportation would take. It would take Denise months to ride from home to California, and it would probably take her days to drive it. I'd be happy to help with the driving, but my little red feet can't reach the pedals at the same time that I am looking down the road. So Denise would have to do all of the driving.

So we're flying. Our big plane is flying too high to see any interesting scenery, so I figured that it was a good time to play with words. Denise is relaxing and reading a book. I think she should take a nap, but I'll be surprised if she does.

The jet stream is our friend today. Our flight is scheduled for just over five hours, but shortly after we took off we were told that we should be landing an hour ahead of schedule. I thought that only happened heading to the east over North America, but someone asked the flight attendant and he provided a piece of the puzzle. The jet steam over North America blows from west to east. I thnk that's why sometimes our big airplanes are early when we're heading home from the west coast. The airlines assume that we'll be flying into the wind, and that wind will slow us down. Today? We're lucky; the jet stream is blowing across the southern part of the country, and we're flying to the north. No jet stream to fight means we can fly faster. Oh! I hope that the pilot was correct and that we really do land early.

Look! We're flying over the Rockies, and there's snow on top of the mountains. How beautiful!

On the ground, warm sunshine disappeared quickly. As we drove to the north, the fading light outlined the mountains to the west. And then... full dark. Driving, driving, and finally! We found our home for the next few nights. It's time to sleep, time to dream of tomorrow's wanders.

Where next?

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