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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brrr! A contrast in temperatures

Home again, and I think it's finally winter here. Denise thought about leaving some warm layers in the car in case it was cold, but nope. She somehow left home without doing that. It was cold, cold, cold - 19 degrees worth of cold - when we jumped off of that big bird last night. That's quite a contrast from the warmth that we left behind us.

The big bird that we flew on was late leaving Las Vegas. We were waiting for people from flights from fogged in areas in California that were carrying people connecting to our flight, since this was the last flight of the day leaving Las Vegas for Manchester. There are later flights on other days of the week, just not on Saturdays. In spite of leaving two hours later than scheduled, we were only an hour late getting in to Manchester. And Denise thinks that was a trade for us getting into Las Vegas an hour earlier than scheduled. Maybe it was...

Oh! It's time for some sleep. And tomorrow? I think we'll be looking at pictures. Keep an eye out; I know that Denise will be posting some of them here.

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