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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Counting the days on just one paw

Would you believe that Denise was thinking that maybe we wouldn't have a journal for our trip next week? That's really not like her, is it? I convinced her that she would regret not having words to help remember the days, and I really like to play with words. Denise is going to concentrate on finding interesting places to walk, on playing with her camera, and I'm going to focus on creating pictures with words.

You haven't followed Denise's travels before? Then I guess I'd better introduce myself. My name is Rover, and I'm a bouncing red dog. I've been traveling with Denise since she started rolling her bike across the country back in 2002.

I really liked Death Valley when we visited last year. Oh, it's so beautiful there.

I wonder if I can convince Denise to wander in some different places. I know she wants to wander up Mosaic Canyon again, and I suspect she is thinking of another sunrise visit to the sand dunes. I really want to bounce across the white salt flats at Badwater; we didn't spend enough time there last year. I hope we find some new places to wander too, although Denise always tells me that seeing the same places a second time can be even more interesting that the first time. The light is different, or something catches her eye that she didn't see before.

It's going to be a fleetng trip, one with days that will probably pass much too quickly. I'm so looking forward to wandering in the desert once more.

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